Welcome to lucabrasidesign.com

For over 35 years I am into collecting records. I have bought tons of records on all the shows I have been to over those decades. Most of those record were crap, but I somehow got hooked on two labels: Revelation Records and New Age Records.

Those two labels are my favo labels of all these years. I have sold many of my records, but always kept my collection of REV and NA and somehow this turned into something big.

Check out what I have in my collection, but also check out what records I am still searching for. Maybe you can help me.

Also I am keeping track on both labels pressing info's. Revelation has a very good pressing info which can be looked at at: http://classic.revelationrecords.com/rev.txt
Most of that info was compiled by Kevin Finn for which I am very gratefull!
After all these years Kevin left the REV offices and not everything gets updated anymore (like a yellow YOT LP). So I am willing to put any missing info up here. If only for my own amusement, but maybe some others will benefit from it.

A New Age records pressing info was never really made. Mike (label owner of NA) is the man, but over the years he also lost track of some things which you can't blame him for. Over the years I have gathered some info's about NA and put it for your display on here. Be sure to check it. If I made mistakes, left something out, you know some pressing quantities, whatever: LET ME KNOW!
I will be very gratefull and will update my list here.

Anomalities are common in the world, also in the record pressing world. Those things I am very interested in. Even if you don't want to get rid of that record, please contact me, and I will mention it on here.

A new website is in the works. Keep an eye open for that. By the end op 2022 this will be online. http://truetillrev.com

Enjoy... :)